National Instruments IMAQ PCI-1409 / Image Acquisition Module


– Module PCI slot unique

– Carte acquisition image

– Numérisation 8 ou 10 bits

– Mémoire 16 MB

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The NI 1409 is a high-accuracy, monochrome image acquisition device for PXI, PCI, or CompactPCI chassis that support RS-170, CCIR, NTSC, and PAL video standards, as well as some nonstandard cameras from any of four input sources. The NI 1409 features a 10-bit analog-to-digital
converter (ADC) that converts video signals to digital formats. The NI 1409 device acquires images in real time and stores them in onboard frame memory or transfers them directly to system memory.

The NI 1409 is easy to install and configure. The NI 1409 ships with NI Vision Acquisition Software, which includes NI-IMAQ, the National Instruments driver software you can use directly to control the NI 1409 and other National Instruments image acquisition devices. With NI-IMAQ, you can quickly and easily start your applications without having to program
the device at the register level.

As a standalone device, the NI 1409 supports four general-purpose control lines that are configurable to generate precise timing signals for controlling camera acquisition. The NI 1409 also supports four video sources and four external I/O lines to use as triggers or digital I/O lines. Easily synchronizing several functions to a common trigger or timing event is a common challenge with image acquisition devices. The NI 1409 uses its Real-Time System Integration (RTSI) bus to solve this problem. The RTSI bus uses the National Instruments RTSI bus interface and ribbon cable to route additional timing and trigger signals between the NI 1409 and up to four National Instruments data acquisition (DAQ), Motion Control, or image acquisition devices. The RTSI bus can even synchronize multiple image acquisition device hardware captures.