National Instruments IMAQ PCI-5431 / Image Acquisition Module Générateur de signaux vidéo


– Formats NTSC, PAL et SECAM
– Plus de 40 ajustements vidéo
– Synchronisation multimode pour S-video et RGB
– Driver d’instruments IVI
– Bibliothèque complète de lignes ITS
– Signaux vidéo composites de 20 Méch./s

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The NI 5431 video signal generator provides a low-cost solution for composite video pattern generation, which is ideal for production testing of video equipment such as televisions, video recorders, and broadcast equipment. More specifically, the NI 5431 is a programmable composite video signal generator with arbitrary baseband capabilities. It comes complete with a software toolkit for generating video patterns.
Each NI 5431 includes the Video Signal Generator Toolkit for creating video composite waveforms based on an arbitrary 24-bit bitmap image, or for more accuracy, on 3×16-bit active line data arrays with an extensive number of attributes. You can modify almost all of the following video parameters :
– Timing parameters (such as rise time and position)
– Geometry parameters (such as active image size and position)
– Level parameters (such as contrast, brightness, or sync amplitude)
– Dynamic parameters (such as video components bandwidth and optional addition of noise and distortion).
You can create arbitrary insertion test signals as RGB or YUV/YQI entries and insert them anywhere in the picture. You can then download the calculated waveform to the NI 5431 device and start video generation using various triggering modes.

The NI 5431 works with the following video formats :
Combination N-PAL
Using multiple, synchronized NI 5431 devices you can test S-Video (2 devices) and RGB (3 devices).